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Dijana & Emanuel – Engagement Session in Kuala Lumpur

Dijana&Emanuel-1000 Dijana&Emanuel-1003 Dijana&Emanuel-1005 Dijana&Emanuel-1007 Dijana&Emanuel-1009 Dijana&Emanuel-1012 Dijana&Emanuel-1017 Dijana&Emanuel-1018 Dijana&Emanuel-1021 Dijana&Emanuel-1023 Dijana&Emanuel-1028 Dijana&Emanuel-1029 Dijana&Emanuel-1031 Dijana&Emanuel-1035 Dijana&Emanuel-1036 Dijana&Emanuel-1037 Dijana&Emanuel-1038 Dijana&Emanuel-1042 Dijana&Emanuel-1046 Dijana&Emanuel-1047 Dijana&Emanuel-1049

William & Suet Yun: The Chase

A first of its kind love story in Pictures. Collaboration between Aaron Chin Photography & Picto. Be the first to have your personally crafted love story- immortalized in High Quality Images. Drop me a mail to find out more 🙂

William and Suet Yun – The Chase from Aaron Chin on Vimeo.