Daniel & Emily Wedding Day


Had loads of fun in Melaka, particularly because Daniel & Emily are such a cool couple. I love capturing candid moments and their wedding had plenty of them. We headed to a temple in Jonker’s street after the tea ceremony as they wanted to pay respects to their ancestors. I am sure their marriage will be truly a blessed one!

Chee Yung & Wai Ling Wedding Day

Chee Yung & Wai Ling are a very adorable couple. Wai Ling has countless expressions- which is excellent for the camera! They were smiling thoughout the entire day

Even on their own wedding dinner, they could prepare flowers and cakes to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Now thats what I call LOVE.

Wishing the both of you many happy days in Singapore!

Meet the ji-muis!

Shot by Chun Wei

The most painful part of a wedding (besides settling the bills)