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Van Phong & Adeline Wedding Day

Adeline is the coolest bride I’ve ever met. She stayed soo calm when faced with any situation- that probably because she knew that Van Phong will be the one running around and doing the worrying!

Lots of driving around that day. I am kinda lucky to have a second shooter who loves to drive as well. Here are some images from the wedding::

Van Phong & Adeline ROM

Putrajaya IS a beautiful place. I can say that the billions spent by the government in building this city has not gone to waste. At least its good for one thing.. Photography !

There are many more corners in this city that I’ve yet to explore.

This time I was there to document Van Phong & Adeline’s Registration of Marriage. Its always special to be a part of a couple’s unique occasion.

Their wedding day pictures will be up next!