Andy & Vanessa Wedding Day


This was a very special wedding. Lots of fun and happiness!

Vanessa first met Andy at a Hashing Club, she was really slow back then 🙂 As the weeks progressed, Andy guided and taught her proper running techniques and trained up her endurance. As her speed grew, so did their love!

2 White Roses  

Van Phong & Adeline ROM

Putrajaya IS a beautiful place. I can say that the billions spent by the government in building this city has not gone to waste. At least its good for one thing.. Photography !

There are many more corners in this city that I’ve yet to explore.

This time I was there to document Van Phong & Adeline’s Registration of Marriage. Its always special to be a part of a couple’s unique occasion.

Their wedding day pictures will be up next!

Irsyad & Sabrina : The Green ‘Theme’


We were surrounded by greenery all over and to add to the fun the theme of the wedding was green! It was my first experience at a wedding in a Kampung and I am already looking forward for more.

Very good weather considering it rained cats and dogs the day before.  Ended up one tone darker when I got back- need to go outdoors more often..

The day ended with a short tour around the city of Muar. Where we were treated to a huge bowl of ice kacang and Rojak Petis… Bliss!

Shot by Chun Wei, his fav pic of the day it seems 🙂