Sam & Ying Huey ROM

Ying Huey loves Sam very much because he sounds exactly like Jacky Cheung when he sings! Most likely this isn’t the only reason 🙂 .

Thank you Sam and Ying Huey, the lovely couple for having so much faith in me. It was a very enjoyable session and you guys were real fun thoughout.

Ying Huey is lucky to have Sam serenade her with his heavenly voice every night.  As I’ve known Ying Huey since high school, Sam is also lucky to tie the knot with a woman who will take good care of him.

Here are some pictures from their Registration of Marriage in Putrajaya:




















Yes Sam, you did it!!



  1. Andy Sin says

    Congrats to both of you… Sam and Ying Huey.

  2. like the last 3 pics … Sam very cute ler … :p
    congratz to YH and Sam

  3. Ying Huey says

    Dear Andy, thanks for being there to share the joy with us, really appreciate your attendance and the first/also the last ang pau from you and Seen Yuen! : )

    Hey Wilson, i am not cute meh, haha… I know, i am pretty instead! :p

  4. Sam Choy says

    Thank you for your sincere wishes!!! 😉

    Heartly, special thanks Aaron Chin to have captured the most important & precious moment of me & my beloved, and giving us an ever lasting sweet memories. We are so proud to have engaged you as our photographer, who not only professional but also full with passion & so in love with his career. Deeply appreciated.

    Keep it up and I’m looking forward to continue to become your happy customer in soonest future. Cheers!!

  5. Congratz, Ying Huey and Sam! 🙂

  6. though i already sent my best wishes tru phone that day, i wana say congrats again to SAM GOR and YH JIE here
    (ei aaron, this is the 2nd time i looking at YH & SAM ROM..kaka)

    well sam, not only passion leh, its also patient and hardwork…(he has the fire in his heart)…kakkakak

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