Ravin & Navin Dinner Reception


Hi folks! This is the final set of pictures from Ravin & Navin’s that I almost did not post. More pictures will be up here pretty soon thats for sure. Just stay tuned!

Also would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported me and said real nice words to me, especially very recently. Words of encouragement really mean a lot to me as I explore my craft and career on a deeper note. Thank you guys!!

Thank you also to Ravin & Navin for this unforgettable experience. In fact, every single wedding is unforgettable for me. Ultimately, thats my goal in each wedding- to be able to capture the unforgettable moments in each of the couple’s lives. Sounds so corny but I just had to say it.. 🙂 Anyway just enjoy the pictures ok!

Ravin & Navin – Temple Ceremony

The Rituals and customs of a Punjabi wedding are a joy to photograph. Jay and me were kept on our toes all the time. Love the details on Navin’s dress! Here are some pictures from the preparations to the ceremony.

Totally love this!

Ravin & Navin – Navin’s Maiyan, Mehndi & Sangeet

This series is shot almost entirely by the legendary Jay Chuah. Thats because I was at Ravin’s place in the morning 🙂

Thank you Jay for the wonderful pics!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the series, the Temple Ceremony pics will be up tomorrow!